Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care Communities: The Different Types of Senior Housing

Did you know that over 55 million Americans are 65 years of age or older? While many of these seniors are still living happily on their own, some of them are ready to move into senior living communities. Is a senior in your life among them?

How do you know what types of senior housing will be appropriate for your loved one? Let’s talk about it! Keep reading to learn all about the different senior living options available. 

Independent Living

Just because a senior is ready to leave behind the burden of owning a home doesn’t mean that they don’t want to continue living independently. Sometimes they want to move to a new location or get rid of the responsibilities associated with homeownership. 

This is where independent living communities come in. 

Independent living communities are just like neighborhoods or apartment communities, but only for seniors! Your senior loved one will be surrounded by other active seniors, so they’ll always have a friend nearby.

Seniors can still choose to cook and clean, or they can leave those responsibilities to someone else so they can sit back and relax or participate in community activities. 

Seniors who are still active and healthy will benefit most from an independent living community. 

Assisted Living

Assisted living communities are a step up from independent living communities. They’re for seniors who want to maintain some level of independence but need a bit of extra help.

They may struggle to remember their medications, bathe, get dressed, go shopping, or do any other number of “normal” daily tasks. Helpful caregivers are always nearby to assist residents when necessary.

Assisted living communities still offer a home-like environment to keep residents comfortable. If your loved one needs help around the house but they’re still active and social, an assisted living community might be the best choice.

Memory Care

Memory care communities have full-time caregivers and medical professionals. These communities are for people who have conditions such as Alzheimer’s or dementia

Caregivers work hard to give residents fulfilling and enriching lives. Seniors still get autonomy and independence, but there’s always someone nearby to help if they get confused, agitated, or otherwise dysregulated. 

Memory care communities, like the one at Juniper, keep seniors with neurocognitive disorders happy and healthy. 

Senior Campus: All in One?

At Juniper, we offer something that other senior communities don’t. Many of our communities are combined senior living communities.

Our senior campus combines all levels of care, so seniors are able to age in place. They can start forming connections and relationships while they’re still living independently and maintain those friendships if they start to need advanced care. 

Any senior who is fit and healthy, but likes to prepare for the future, should consider moving to our senior campus. 

Which Types of Senior Housing Are Right for Your Loved One?

If it’s time to start considering the different types of senior housing, keep this list in mind! All types of senior housing have unique benefits. Which one is right for the special senior in your life?

If your loved one is ready to move to a new community, we want to meet them! Find a Juniper community near you and pay us a visit!

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